New Ground

Written in May of 2020- playing around with narrating from a voice that is not my own. But, this is a piece I resonate deeply even though I was not seeking to write my own experience when I wrote this. I am breaking new ground.  New ground of understanding how I have always felt that [...]

Set Free In the Ink

WoW Found Poem from G. Lynn Nelson’s Writing and Being: Embracing Your Life through Creative Journaling  (The first half is a Collaborative piece with Christina Gillespie and the second half I began to shift out of the Found Poem format and let the piece go where it wanted to go) Written in June 2020 during [...]

Let it be. Let it breathe.

Most writing pieces that I do feel quite incomplete, especially these days. I write just to let my mind rest and unravel, in small inches, some of my processing, This year is one with too much to process. I really do have to take everything in such small steps in order to carry on through [...]

The Wilderness to Open Space

March to June the harvest came.  The harvest of seeds I had been sowing for years and years and years had finally come to fruition in front of me.  “Behold, I will make a way in the wilderness”  He did.  I was out of the wilderness and I couldn’t believe it. When I walked out, [...]


August came and went.  It was swift.  Sometimes gentle,  But,  Mostly abrupt  with it’s touch.  Leaving me  And  My hands  Opened  To surrender  My pride That so heavily is  Intertwined with My need  to control Time  My heart  & mind And circumstances that bind.  August carries so naturally with it  transitions— Shifts  Turns  Disruptions—  both [...]

Own Skin

It is a funny thing that sometimes we have to relearn to grow comfortable in our own skin. Or, maybe it isn’t that we ever grew uncomfortable in our own skin. Maybe we’ve always loved and known being in our own skin, but we’ve been so fearful of people not seeing us for us. It’s [...]

The What If Wrestle with Fear

Fear is one of the greatest emotions that connects us across humanity.  Somewhere along the line of transition into adolescence out of the innocence of childhood I developed more of a fear. As a child, the world was my playground and I was the queen of risks. You couldn’t find me without mud underneath my [...]

Confront it. In the mirror. And in its face.

I feel sick to my stomach. Horrified. Heart broken. Without adequate words.  I am angry. So angry. Outraged. Without adequate words. I am sad. Grieving and mourning what should be grieved and mourned every time an innocent life is taken. Yet, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I remain at a distance. It is easier that way. [...]