Writing is inherently vulnerable, messy, and powerful. Within all that is hard and beautiful about it, I believe the act of writing and sharing it has the potential to be one of the strongest forces of connection and healing. My hope is that whether you are reading my words here or you are wanting to work with me on your own writing, that you’d feel seen, known, encouraged, and even at home within my words and your own. 

I’m so glad you are here. Welcome, my friends. 

I'm Bailey

For as long as I can remember, I’ve written. In college, I pursued writing as a part of my degree. After I graduated, I spent my days working alongside 8th graders with their writing. Then, at 24, a rare kidney disease disrupted my world as I knew it. Writing became a means of survival, healing, and connection to loved ones. As I had to step away from my official job as a teacher, I knew my time as a teacher wouldn’t end with the closing of my classroom door. I wanted to take what was lost and create something new. So came my newsletter, my patreon, and my work as a writing coach. 

Every day I am a student. Every day I teach. And every day I am an ever evolving writer, seeking to hold space for the tensions between beauty and life’s difficulties and grief. I’d love for you to be a part of holding the both and with me. 

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Working Together

My passions and my strengths lie within seeing people’s potential, empowering people to see their own, and then patiently and purposefully working alongside them to help them develop into that potential. I carry this into the work I do with others and their writing. 

As a writing coach, I provide a range of support that is personalized towards your needs. Whether you need help developing your writing process, need revisions and feedback on your work, need help with creating a structure for your writing, and/or need someone simply to encourage you to continue writing, I’d love to come alongside you. 

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"Bailey has a gift capturing beauty and mystery into words. With a heart of compassion, and a mind so attentive and honest, Bailey so faithfully writes what we all want to say or what we need to hear. Her words are powerful. And she is the first one to remind us all that our words are too. She is my greatest encourager and she’s sure to be yours too"

Rachel Gamblin

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