A Paradoxical Mystery – September’s Poem

The fall Of Humanity Falling quickly Into Friction Of one’s own frailty Fraught with Anxious energy Fixed upon Fragmented Fear A Fierce fragility Fractured into the frame With a force of pain Alongside an unexplainable Peace— A paradoxical relief The fall The breaking The broken The beautiful All in this place All holding space All [...]

Remember the Magnolia Seeds

Remember The Magnolia seeds For Out of them Grow The blooms We sit beneath But also, This very tree We find our Shade and solace in. A mighty force Of new creation And beauty They are. Dismissed And unseen For what rises and comes From the cone. They need not Your attention. But, pay attention [...]

August’s Reality

Relapsed Into A reality Not yet known And Not yet seen Yet, Fatigued with familiarity Rendered Into Dependency Upon Community And the Daily bread Set out before me Led to A deep Awareness Of my limits And Need Released expectations Upon My body And My mind A shaking with grief And A dancing with God’s [...]

Waves of Transition- July’s Poem

July carried Transitions In waves There are some waves Of transition That beckon you To shift Internally With the External change High tide. The kind of waves that Rise and fall More than you Anticipate They rise To you And, You must respond To them. The waves, They speak. They ask you, What do you [...]

Repotted- June’s Poem

June was gentle with me. She saw me As a fragile jar of clay. I saw her As a tender and patient friend each day. She whispered “You can breathe again” So, I listened Took a deep breath in And awoke to a part of myself I hadn’t been seeing Or living within Oh, to [...]

Sabbath’s Whisperings

Saturday steam rising Light pouring in Sabbath whispering “Breathe in” “Begin again” My pen meets The morning page Will I awake? Yes, I say. I choose to See Myself On the page Pour out the pain Pour out the questions Pour out the praise As He pours out the grace. Humbly learning Tearfully receiving Prayerfully [...]

Little Leaf Linden

The tree we have just come to know, It grows, To hold us Into each other. A holy invitation. The canopy, Overlaying, Patiently Saying “Come be with me” Its branches swaying, Whispering, And praying For our relief From the year Of grief The leaves we touch They breathe Into us Onto us Within us So [...]

Beyond the Confines of the Mind

Trembling through the city In my mind, Without once Rehearsing I ask Do you see it? The concrete rose Besides The wiggling toes Walking Alongside Where the green ivy grows As the traffic ebbs and flows Time continues on Everyone is on the go A boy and his backpack A mother and her knapsack A [...]

31st and 33rd Street

One may ask— Do you get lonely In the city? One may reply— Do you get lonely In your mind? Loneliness does not Come from a place No, no It travels with us Like a carry on item In our suitcase Loneliness is not Of a given place But Is a choice of state A [...]