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While writing is vulnerable and personal, it's not an act that is solely done alone. It's a process where we need others to both help us with our process and to encourage us to not give up on our process. 

I've spent the past 7 years writing and encouraging others to write. I've supported middle school writers as an ELA teacher to people writing in order to grow their business to graduate students writing a thesis and/or dissertation to high school students applying to college to people simply writing for pleasure. 

As you work through your personal writing process, I want to come alongside you with personalized support to move you towards where you want to take your writing. 

Feedback/Revisions on Your Work: 
  • I will provide personalized feedback to your writing geared towards your structure, craft, and clarity within your writing.
  • I can also give specific support with where you express you most want/need feedback and revisions.

1-on-1 Writing Coaching: 
  • I offer 1-on-1 Zoom coaching session(s) where we discuss roadblocks you are having in writing, specific questions and thoughts you need to work through, and actions plans to move forward,
  • We can meet once, weekly, or bi-weekly— whatever best supports your needs and works with our schedules. 

Services I Provide


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Feedback/Revisions on Your Work: 
  • $65 per hour 
  • You control the time. We will set up a quick video chat to discuss what your goals are for the writing piece, what kind of feedback you are looking for, and then I will give an estimate of the time I'd need to finish that work. 
  • Together we will come up with a return date and an agreed upon time. 
1-on-1 Coaching 
  • $100 for a single live hour-long session 
  • $500 for a 4 live sessions, once weekly, and feedback on your writing throughout the month 

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  • college application essays
  • scholarship application essays 
  • graduate thesis
  • dissertations 
  • writing for the web: blogging, newsletters, articles, etc. 
  • writing connected to your business and/or work
  • non-fiction
  • poetry

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Writing I Work Best With

  • Bachelors of Arts in English from UGA
  • Bachelors of Education in English Education from UGA
  • Masters of Eduction in English Education from UGA
  • Level 5 & Gifted Certified Educator for 6-12th grade English 
  • Former Educator in Clarke County School District
  • Red Clay Writing Fellow 2020

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Lindsay Lowery

 "Bailey is a gifted writer and communicator whose skills transcend genre and era. There is a depth and simplicity to her creation that leads you to sit in what she has said but also understand it inherently, because you have probably felt before what she is verbalizing. Bailey is equally as talented a writer as she is a writing coach and encourager. Through her I have written more than I ever deemed doable and have developed confidence in my voice. She is my favorite person to whom I share my writing."

Jeanne Gautier

"My son reached out to Bailey when he was writing his essays for his college applications. Bailey was incredibly encouraging and patient with him. I could see his confidence increase as they worked together to take his essay and improve it to the best that it could be. I highly recommend Bailey for helping your child to put their best foot forward!"

Tyler Wallace

"Bailey was instrumental in establishing my writing habits, exploring topics, thinking through my audience, and communicating my message. I highly recommend Bailey to anyone who wants to share their knowledge with the world to establish themselves as a thought leader"


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