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I’m interested in writing within the tensions of our humanity with the both and: our joy and our grief, beauty and brokenness, courage and fear, celebration and rage, and everything in between. 

My hope is that my writing has the ability to connect to what lies at the core of being human. Whether I am writing poetry, a newsletter, or an essay, my writing aims to be honest, attentive, and centered around connection. May these words housed here meet you and encourage you. 

My Path to Poetry

 In the wake of the pandemic in 2020, I found that my mind could not get through a novel or through any book for that matter. At the time, I was teaching my students from my living room on my laptop. In April, we celebrated poetry month and focused all of our lessons towards poetry. I decided to buy a Mary Oliver book to find some poems to share with my students. I came across her poem "Hurricane" and felt like I could breathe deeper. From that point on, all I could read was Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, and Maya Angelou.

Eventually, poetry became all I could write. I started a small project for myself where I wrote a poem for each month in order to reflect. That started in August of 2020 and has continued on today. While I am no expert in poetry and it is such an explorative genre for me, it is where I feel at home. I feel safe to make mistakes. I feel free to play with language. I feel grounded in metaphors and at rest in the final pieces released.  

I have self-published a poetry book titled Better Yet that the brilliant and very talented Kourtney Axelburg designed. 

This book is a labor of love that captures one's journey throughout a year. It's a young poet growing in her voice, exploring with poetry, and writing her way through the messy process that is healing. 

The poems are me grappling with the ever evolving pandemic, the grief of an unexpected life-altering health diagnosis, and the tensions that lie within humanity. There is both an intentional attention to beauty and an honest reflection on sorrow and fear. 

Poetry Book

Better Yet: A Collection of Poetry 


Available to purchase soon!

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