my writing

I have always loved writing. But, that love has been paired with some complicated feelings of fear, frustration, and insecurity. Writing is personal, even if we are not writing about ourselves. However, I have actually always felt more comfortable writing about myself/my thoughts over writing poetry and prose written within different perspectives. Poetry used to terrify me. Short-stories involve so much character development. And, for a long time I just saw writing as either academic work or my space to process. My thoughts around writing have evolved though. I see how writing is threaded into almost all we do. It is in our texts sent, our emails written, letters mailed, captions shared, journals filled, essays turned in, and so much more. I want to live in the so much more as I seek to grow more as a writer.

Here you will see writing that I did back in high school to writing I am currently working on. Even still, my blog posts are very much stream-of-conscious writing pieces. They are generally reflections and extensions of what my mind is processing and the questions I am working through asking.

A lot of my writing does not make it into this space. My journals stay filled and untouched. Writing is always a work in progress. Each of these pieces shared are still in that process. Something you may catch onto is that I am not always the best editor. I passionately write and want to press publish. Sometimes I do so because I am scared that if I reread over my work, fear will keep me from sharing it. Sometimes I am lazy (not the best example for an ELA teacher, but the honest answer). And, sometimes I am exhausted after finishing a piece that I just need to be and let the writing be— unfinished in a sense and full of my raw and messy thoughts.

I am learning. Always. I hope my writing here always remains raw and real with you all. I hope you find some encouragement in my learning and writing.