my poetry

I spent most of my life intimidated by poetry. It never felt accessible to me. In high school, poetry felt too attached to an exam that felt really challenging to me. In college, I grew to love and appreciate poetry in all of it’s brilliance. However, I still never thought that I could write it. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I began exploring writing some poetry. As I was trying to understand what was happening within our world, I was struggling with words. I would try to write within the reflective writing space I usually wrote into, but I could not find the words. I also couldn’t read many words. All I could read was Mary Oliver poetry. Her words awakened something with me. They led me to begin paying attention to my surroundings. They led me to want to put pen to paper and to take a try at my own poetry.

Now, I have been writing poetry for about a year and a half. It is the form of writing I want to pursue the most in this stage of life. I have so much learning to do within this writing space, but I am here for the process of it all.