monthly poems

In January I set out to write a poem for every month of the year. I was 6 months out of graduate school and I was missing writing assignments. I wanted to create a project for myself to pursue throughout the year in order to hold myself accountable to write. I know how teaching and life goes. It can be incredibly hard to keep up with a creative craft when life’s responsibilities pile up. However, I know that space to write is something worth fighting for in my life.

When I first started these poems, they were simply a space for me to express and to write. Now, they have evolved into so much more. They are the space I am tangibly seeing my voice grow within. They are a necessary part of my healing process this year. They have become a space where I can experiment with craft and with my voice.

This year has held a lot. I am grateful for these poems holding space for all that this year has held.