Where different voices and writers come together to speak to one prompt.

During my freshman year of college I had the idea of asking people to write about a certain prompt. I wanted to ask people: what gets your heart excited? (A very freshman in college question that I still love). I decided I’d ask people to respond to my question through emailing me their thoughts and that I would then compile the thoughts together into one blog post. And so began something I have been doing for five years now.

I love sharing my writing, but more than anything, I love reading other people’s writing. When we approach reading writing with an open-mind and an appreciation for each individual writer, it is hard not to be moved in some shape or form by what others share. Writing is vulnerable. So vulnerable. When we write and share our words, we share pieces of ourselves. It is beautiful and powerful. We never know who may be impacted by our words shared. But, the more we share and the more we read what others share, the more we realize we are not so alone in figuring out this thing we call life.

Each one of these compilations from 2015 on contain something special. I am so grateful for each person who has ever written and entrusted me with their words. I never take the gift of someone sharing their words with me lightly. And I hope, as you read these, you do not either. There is SO much power in these compilations. There is vulnerability, bravery, passion, perspective, and brilliancy.

If you ever read someone’s writing and are greatly impacted by it and want to tell a writer, but do not have their contact, let me know and I will connect you. Let a writer know that you hear them, that you see their words, and that you value them. That goes a longer way than you may ever realize.