the story behind

This is a long story behind this blog and it’s growth that has occurred alongside my own growth. More so, it is my story behind seeing myself as a writer, then encouraging others around me to see themselves as writers, and finally creating a space where we can share in being writers together.

Set Free developing into The Release: 

When I started this blog I was a junior in high school. I needed a space to put my thoughts. I didn’t share my writings for a long time because quite honestly what I was writing was unpolished journal pieces. I was in a place of really trying to figure out myself and my faith and I found that writing through that process made me feel a little more understood. Although I don’t know if I will ever be out of the place of  trying to figure my faith and myself out, I do believe that I have grown over the years and that my purpose behind this blog has changed a lot. As a freshman in college I was absorbing all the newness and I was constantly learning about myself and in that process I wrote— a lot. My blog became my home base. I spent a lot of nights on my futon in my little dorm reflecting and writing. That year was where I discovered a love for metaphors and wore them out quickly in my writing. And then, it was also the year I felt a lot more courage to share my writing— I was craving to be heard. However, it was also the year I began asking others to write— to share their thoughts too. Freshman year is one of meeting a million new people. I was enthralled with getting to hear so many different people’s stories. It was so refreshing to meet someone and to know nothing about them before meeting them. I wanted to learn and hear more stories. And so, I asked people “what gets their heart excited?” and then a few months later I asked people to share what the year 2015 taught them. I was shocked by how many people were willing to share their words. Every time an email popped up with someone’s words in response to a prompt I was stopped in my tracks. People’s words helped teach me to listen. They increased in me this desire to encourage everyone to share their thoughts because I was beginning to grasp the power in so many different perspectives and thoughts being shared. My words alone can only do so much. But 20+ voices collaboratively creating a conversation around a prompt or a word— that is something special. And is where I have found a big shift in my purpose behind this blog. Yes, I occasionally share my own writing pieces; however, what I most want this space to be used for is for other voices to be lifted and heard. Or at least a space where others are encouraged to go and write and to share their own words in their own ways.

The process of seeing myself as a writer: 

I never saw myself as a writer until I took a class that was all about teaching writing. One of the first concepts our professor engrained in us is how vital it is to be a writer alongside our students. The second concept was to see that everyone was, in their own way, a writer. I had already believed in the second idea, but I didn’t fully grasp what it meant to be a writer alongside my students. I knew how to encourage others to share their words, yet I did not have the courage or the confidence to see myself as a writer. Which is interesting, because as one can see through looking at this blog, I’ve been writing for a long time. And, if you know me, you know that it doesn’t take me long to fill a journal up. I love to capture my thoughts, prayers, and the moments in my day that matter to me. I write letters as my way of expressing my care and appreciation to others. I am one who needs to process and writing just so happens to be the biggest way I do that— and it has been that way for a while now. Yet, I still did not see myself as a writer for a long time. I felt as if I was a fraud english major— unworthy of being in the classes I was taking. But, then I took African American Poetry with a professor who greatly challenged me in my writing. His class pushed me. It constantly made me uncomfortable and I loved it. I went to his office hours one day because he gave me this ounce of courage to pursue my own writing and to begin seeing myself as a writer. I went to him asking him how I could find my voice as a writer. He told me that my voice was already there. I just need to grow unafraid of using it in such a way that is bold and honest. He called me out of my people pleasing tendencies and challenged me to stop writing to remain in such a neutral place. That kind of work doesn’t create change. He was right. I needed to hear that. I wanted to listen and act on what he shared. And so, I did. I wrote his final writing assignment differently. I was unafraid of breaking the page limit. Unafraid of having the “correct” format. And, afraid, yet willing to actually be vulnerable and honest in my writing. I shared my thoughts that others may really disagree with. I shared personal stories about my life. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. And it was one of the first papers I felt proud of. I think my professor and I both knew that I was breaking into finding my voice. However, he wasn’t done challenging me. He had me share my 10 page personal paper in front of my whole class. I was shaking the whole way through. My lips were dry and I was so keenly aware of it. But, by page 4 I heard it. I heard my voice. I was being released from all my fear and anxiety. I was exposed in front of my classmates, but I was free. That day changed a lot for me. That semester of learning how to be a teacher of writing and then how to be a writer myself changed everything.

And now I am on the journey of learning what all of that really means. I do see myself as a writer, but I am still learning what kind of writing I am wanting to pursue. For now, I am sticking with my random blog posts that encapsulate a bit of what I am reflecting upon and then my google documents that I draft on for days on end. But, my hope is to continue to move forward in my writing. To one day find the courage to put my voice into action. I have no idea what that means, but I am excited to find out and I am excited to see how this blog remains alongside me in this journey.

I think our writing spaces should always be changing and growing alongside us, but it took me a long time to realize that. And so, to those of you who have read some of my words from the very beginning, thank you. Thank you for hearing me as a 16 year old in high school and thank you for hearing me now.

Let’s write.

Let’s listen.

Let’s create.

Let’s learn.

Let’s be kind.

Let’s be humble.

And, let’s be together.


  1. You know I think I may need this to be quite honest

    This year has been something that I don’t even know how to put in words I will start off with the BEGINING well what I remember .

    I thank god to know what it feels like to be free free from what held me back from the who keeps me GOD . It’s like all these things that I went through and that I experienced this year was a lesson and I completely thank god I got freed from drugs this year and although that I’m quite young I seen what these things where doing to me mentally emotionally physically and SPIRITUALLY . Yes this year was a group of big changes for me it’s like it took for me too think that I was dying to get my life together seriously .

    This year was a isolation period from me isolation from from family and people that I just really care for God has showed and reaveled to me a lot about why I had to be moved from people but with people that I lost I also picked up some as well . I THANK GOD THAT I HAVE MET PEOPLE LIKE YOUNG LIFE these people have made me happy about changing my life around and they made me ENJOY BEING YOUNG I mean really a lot of people that have came into my life this year have inspired me to just keep going . I LEARNED TO WORK THROUGH FEAR AND THAT THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT FEAR IS TO TRUST GID WITH YOUR WHOLE LIFE AND AS YOU DO THAT HE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR HEARTS DESIRE AND WHATS BEST FOR YOU . To look back and think this year was one hell of a year you can tell by the way that I’m typing every experience every encounter every dream every vision every strange thing and encounter . Has drawn me closer to God continuing to better my self daily I learned that being hard on myself is a trait and that I can’t always be so hard on myself because God has this thing called grace as I grow intimately with the lord I continue to see who he is and how he truly loves us so he wouldn’t do anything to harm us but to make easy for our destiny PREPARING ME FOR GREATER was my motto for this year I had to fight on my hands and knees interceding to the fullest I don’t know where I would be without the lord he fulfills every full spot every hurt spot every bad memory with joy and love . I’ve learned that God put you in places to inspire people and sometimes it’s not about you but it’s about them needing you I’m glad God uses me and I’m glad to be his vessel I’m thankful to know that through doubt through struggle through attacks that I can still trust God praise God and pray to him all the way this year has been a powerful year all the things that’s going on in the world and then boom he changed me around I’m ready for whatever he has for me even if it’s just death I’m ready to be the person God wants me too be In 2017 I pray that God give me more strength in my faith patience and other areas of my life .

  2. You are blessing to the universe and as it’s student I continue to learn God’s most graceful lessons from your journey.
    Keep empowering people. You are a hero, girl.

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