Bailey Frederking

writer. teacher. friend.

I have had this blog since I was a junior in high school. Both this space and I have evolved quite a bit since then. I am currently navigating my mid-twenties and all that entails. I am an English teacher who is immersed in the middle school space and I love every bit of it. Outside of being a teacher though, I am an avid reader and a writer. Within that, I am continuously learning more and more of my own voice.

However, I never want to stop there. I am incredibly passionate about encouraging others to write and to speak. Often times, we grow up thinking that we are only a writer if we excelled in our English classes or that we are only creative if we are working within a “creative” field. I believe something quite differently. We each have a voice. We each have unique experiences, stories, and thoughts that the world needs. This is my mantra. If you have been keeping up with me for a little bit now, you’ve probably heard me speak these words before.

If you struggle with grammar, write anyways.

If you ramble on and your thoughts feel like they are always going in circles, write anyways.

Find your medium of creative expression and express. We are only better when each voice is lifted and when we begin to hear more and more and more people.

So, let’s write. Let’s listen. And, let’s be together in the process.

I am glad you are here.

Thank you for being here.