A Student Again

I’ve been doing pottery for the past two months. It’s my first time back in the Good Dirt Clay Studio in two years. My only other time in the studio was when I took a mugs class in the summer of 2019, right after I graduated college. I was humbled by my time in the [...]

A Paradoxical Mystery – September’s Poem

The fall Of Humanity Falling quickly Into Friction Of one’s own frailty Fraught with Anxious energy Fixed upon Fragmented Fear A Fierce fragility Fractured into the frame With a force of pain Alongside an unexplainable Peace— A paradoxical relief The fall The breaking The broken The beautiful All in this place All holding space All [...]

Remember the Magnolia Seeds

Remember The Magnolia seeds For Out of them Grow The blooms We sit beneath But also, This very tree We find our Shade and solace in. A mighty force Of new creation And beauty They are. Dismissed And unseen For what rises and comes From the cone. They need not Your attention. But, pay attention [...]