Repotted- June’s Poem

June was gentle with me. 

She saw me 
As a fragile jar of clay. 

I saw her 
As a tender and patient friend each day.  

She whispered 
“You can breathe again” 

So, I listened 
Took a deep breath in 
And awoke to a part of myself 
I hadn’t been seeing 
Or living within 

Oh, to see again. 

She handed me 
The morning page. 

I handed her 
My honest state. 

She wrote poetry 
In the sky. 

I read the words 
In the light. 

She repotted me— 
Lifting  my roots, 
She grabbed ahold of me, 
And carried me through— 
To new soil 
A new home
To rest my weary 

My roots are finding their grip 

There is space 
To grow. 

She reminds me though, 
“Take it slow” 

No rush. 

Remember your fragility 
Remember your need 
Remember your Potter
Remember your Gardner. 

Grab a stone— 

Remember June. 

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