Beyond the Confines of the Mind

Trembling through the city
In my mind,
Without once 
I ask 
	Do you see it? 

The concrete rose 
The wiggling toes 
Where the green ivy grows 
As the traffic ebbs and flows

Time continues on 

Everyone is on the go 
A boy and his backpack 
A mother and her knapsack 
A man hustling in slacks 
A mask dirties as it sits
along the tracks

A child stands there
Seemingly amused 
Wiggling his toes 
Besides the concrete rose 
Letting the movement pass him by 
Not allowing the moment 
With the rose 

I see it. 
I slow. 

Pulled out my mind, 
Without once 
I look 
	Are you paying attention? 

To the greens 
Dancing alongside 
The browns that hold together 
These city street 
To the pinks 
And the reds 
Finding their way 
	Through the cracks of grey 
To the blues 
Laid out 
Across the sky 
Tracing the skyscrapers 
Ever so gently 
To the sun 
Stretching around 
Making its way inside 
To shed some light 
For comfort and sanity and sight 
To the rusted nail 
Beneath your feet 
A rare treasure 
If you choose to 
See its history 
I see it. 
I pick it up
And pocket it 
for the day. 

Without once 
I lean in 
         Are you listening? 

A couple saying yes to a lifetime together 
A family hiding in the vicinity 
A chorus of cheering 
A union between more than just two 

A saxophone echoes under the bridge, 
far off, 
In the park 
Stands a man playing his way through his day 
A symphony of mystery and divinity he plays  
	Inviting a few others to join in 
	And stay 
	Beneath the shade 
	And the healing touch 
	Of the melody he relays 

I stay. 
I listen in. 

I heal a bit more 
As my ears awake. 

For some time 
Step out of yourself 

Stay awhile 

Get reacquainted with 
What lies 
Beyond your 


Started out as a Found Poem within the first stanza from “Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude” when I started writing it on June 21st, 2021. 

But, the poem quickly took its own shape. 

This is one I want to play around with more. But, here it is, in process, as it begs me to pay attention to the details all the more. 

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