31st and 33rd Street

One may ask—
Do you get lonely 
In the city? 

One may reply—
Do you get lonely 
In your mind? 

Loneliness does not
Come from a place 
No, no 

It travels with us 
Like a carry on item 
In our suitcase 

Loneliness is not 
Of a given place 
Is a choice of state 

A state of mind 
At any given time 
Yes, yes 
It is a choice 

And, the city carries with it 
A landscape of choices 

	Do you feel it? 

You are not alone 
In your loneliness 

Underneath these canopies 
Of 31st and 33rd Street 
Many others sit 
And wait 
And contemplate 
This choice of state 


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