“Grieving to Prepare for the Grow”

In March, Spring finally arrived. 

This time, not as a mere whisper

But as a voice, continuously speaking. 

It was so energizing that I thought she’d

Be my energy 

But, I forgot that 

With Spring 

Comes the tilling 

And the waiting 

And, perhaps, 

Even the grieving 

You cannot plant the new seeds 

Until the soil is ready 

I haven’t touched the old garden beds 

Since I last accepted that my garden had 

In a sense 


Back at the beginning of autumn, I grabbed a hold of my 

Tiny carrots 

Of 3 

And my cherry tomatoes 

Of 2 

And named those small victories 

And then, 

I let the soil and the ground be 

At the mercy of Winter’s sting

Winter took out nearly all of the weeds 

But, it also took the wood surrounding the garden beds too 

The soil fell loose as the wood rotted away

We were not outside much to really even see 

That is 

Until the whispers of Spring 

I was so enthralled by the whispers 

That I forgot 

I forgot the work that comes into preparing 

For Spring 

I forgot that the residue of Winter lingers 

In March, there are still days where the cold air 

Takes your breath away 

Some days, the sun is so deceiving-  

There is warmth in the blue sky

But not always in the air outside 

It is not that Spring itself has deceived me 

She’s beautiful and healing

In all her glory and blooms. 

She just requires 

More of me 

Than I remembered 

I’ve got a lot of new seeds 

Waiting to be planted 

To grow

But the soil must be tended to first 

The weeds that have been arising 

Must be confronted too.  

There is time though. 

There is time. 

I needed to be reminded that 


We must first grieve 

What winter took away. 



We must hold space for what we have walked through 

Before we enter into 

The new.

Newness is coming. 

Newness is here. 

But so too is all we have made it through. 

Even in the blooms of spring

You have permission to grieve

You have permission to grow slow

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