January’s Words

In January, I remembered why the winter trees lose their leaves.

They need space to grieve, before they blossom and bloom anew. 

The leaves must fall. 

The colors must fade. 


At times, we need to be acquainted with the grey. 

If we don’t sit in the grey, 

we wouldn’t appreciate when 

little buds of pink

rise alongside the forest green. 


We wouldn’t know that 

In the waiting 

There is newness in the making


In the waiting 

There is time to let yourself 

Grieve the leaves that were once yours 

But now they are gone and one with the ground. 


In the waiting 

We can break 


It may hurt 

It very well probably will 


Let it hurt. 

Let it heal. 


We too may feel barren – 

A bit weaker 

A bit more exposed 

And quite unprotected from the sting of the cold without our leaves 




And weak we may be 


But not alone. 


The other trees stand with you

With me  

In solidarity 


Each of us 

In our own waiting 

Rooting ourselves down deep 

so that 

We may be able to stand stronger 

And a little taller 

When the next winter comes to take our leaves 


And, in the waiting, 

Remember that 

Your leaves that fell 

Became the very soil 

In which 

You could root deeper down 

And grow into 


Let what has hurt 



Let what has broken 

Blossom and bloom 


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