When I think of this year, I think of disruption. 

Much has been disrupted. In both good ways and in really hard and harmful ways. 

Our time was seemingly disrupted. 

Our schedules.

Our pride. 

Our ignorance. 

Our busy.

Our ways of gathering. 

Our ways of being. 

Our ways of teaching. 

Our ways of celebrating. 

Our ways of grieving. 

Our ways of comforting.

Our ways of healing. 

We had to be – Creative 

We had to – Listen 

We had to – Slow down 

We had to – See humanity – 

In all of its ugliness 


In all of its beauty 

We had to –

Shift , Pivot, Change, Adjust, Adapt 

We had to – Remember –


The distractions faded. The schedule slowed. We could no longer operate on auto-pilot. 

We had to actually look in the mirror. 

Once we were home, the masks were off. 

And, we all were home a lot more than we had known. 

Oh, to see yourself again. 

We had to 

See – 

Our need 

Our neighbor walking by 

Our idols 

Our brokenness 

Our beauty 

Our need 

Our need 

Our need 

We had to – Connect –

If not through a hug, 

Than through a screen 

We had to – Respond –

To the injustice 

To the violence 

Against Black bodies 

To our own silence 

To our own ignorance

To the oppression



We had to – Confront –


Our loved ones 

Our nation 

We had to – Question 

We had to – Sit –

in the discomfort of 

No clear answers 

We had to – Disrupt –

The disruptions 

We have to 

Let the disruptions 

Disrupt us 

To see 

More clearly 

That this life 

Is never easy

It is never certain 

It is never all we want it to be 

But, it is richer 

Than we give it credit for 

Than we see 

Than we experience 

Than we know 

If only we 


To the slow 

To the seeing 

To the listening 

To the humbling act of being in need. 

If only we 


Time is merely a construct 

Enslaved to our schedules 

And deadlines 

That can change 

Let it change 

It’s okay 

Slow down – You have time 

Listen – To  Creation –

It’s in no rush 

And Create –

space for disruption

space to breathe 

space to simply be 

space to see 


Your neighbor 

Your community 

Your need 

Their need 

Our collective messy humanity 

Create space to Remember

You are not alone 

We are not alone

The disruptions often lead us back to know 

Resiliency runs through our bones

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