Dance With Them

Written right after I got my tree tattoo in August.

The trees and the moon danced together tonight.

They created silhouettes and and shadows of praise. 

Each silhouette and shadow a form of darkness that brings glory to the bit of light shining just enough.

What a glorious sight to see darkness being swept into the arms of light. 

The moon is small tonight. 

Oh, but how whole it is. 

Nothing is missing. 

Just my own perception and vantage point, that’s all. 

It is whole. It is whole. It is whole 

The trees stand firm tonight.

Oh, but how their foundations allow their branches to freely fall into the dance with the moon. Nimble they may seem, but rooted and mighty they stand to be. 

No one has to see these two together. 

They need no recognition. 

They need no praise. 

They need no one to notice the beauty and the dance.

They just are and they just do. 

“The light shines in the darkness and oh  how the darkness can never extinguish the light” 

And so, 

they danced. 

Through the darkness of night 

Into the glorious light of a new day


“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” 

Let us rejoice and dance in it. 

Let our shadows follow us into our night and remind us that there still is light. 

May the moon be our sliver of the wholeness of light. Our hope and reminder to fight. 

May the trees welcome us in through their clapping of hands and into an ongoing invitation to dance. Our freedom and our song.

All creating music to soak in beneath the moonlit tree. 

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