Confront it. In the mirror. And in its face.

I feel sick to my stomach. Horrified. Heart broken. Without adequate words.  I am angry. So angry. Outraged. Without adequate words. I am sad. Grieving and mourning what should be grieved and mourned every time an innocent life is taken. Yet, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I remain at a distance. It is easier that way. [...]


Sometimes I feel like I write the same words over and over again. Each thing I write, blending into one forgotten and familiar piece. It’s a part of my processing. My becoming. My evolving. My sanctification. I fear the repetition. I want each step to be new. Ground breaking. Forward. Leaving the past behind. Yet, [...]

Silence is Violence

  I haven’t had words in the last two weeks, like many others. I have been so angry and upset hearing about the news of Ahmaud and Breonna’s stories. And I still do not even know where to begin in speaking and in fully processing.  It wasn’t until I was back in my classroom on [...]

Brave: A Compilation

For the last month or so, in this time in quarantine, I have asked people to write on the word brave. I asked people to write the stories of bravery. Or, to share where they have seen bravery. Where they have been brave. And, lastly, I asked what does brave mean to you? In this [...]