This time is one of awakening. 

It has been a week or so since we’ve also stayed at our homes. There have been quite a few invitations sent our way in this time. 

An invitation to transition into the new season of Spring with slowness and a keen attentiveness. 


An invitation to see all that we may have not been seeing: 

To see the protections of privilege. 

To see all the injustices and inequity and broken systems this all is further exposing. 

To see our neighbors outside on their porch, to see their value, and to meet them if we have never done so (from a distance, of course). 

To see who it is that is holding our nation up. 

To see the ones who work tirelessly to serve and meet our needs, yet make a minimum wage. 

To see what it is that we’ve built idols out of. 

To see where it is that we grip so hard for some sense of control. 

To see the flowers blooming, the green invading, and the sun bringing us through each day. 

To see the steam rise out of coffee. 

To see the power in stillness. 

To see the resiliency in those around us and in each community. 

To see that we are nothing without one another. 


An invitation to hear all that we have not been hearing: 

To hear the cries of our neighbors. 

To hear the words of grief and to empathize as we learn to listen. 

To hear the words of grace and to remember. 

To hear the words of gratitude and to be challenged to give thanks ourselves.  

To hear a silence of the noise and chaos of our lives that is leaving a new space to hear more of the life around us. 

The birds. 

The bees. 

The wind awakening the new blooms and leaves of trees. 

The tires of bikes riding along the empty streets. 

The songs of our neighbor as he walks and raps down the street. 

The barking of dogs.

The melodies of Spring. 

The kindness in a ‘hello” and a wave as one passes by. 

The words of our roommates and those we are dwelling with at this time. 


An invitation to serve one another:

To stay home, but to learn new ways to connect.  

To learn that one of the best ways to serve one another is to lose our self-centeredness. 

To see and to listen to the needs and grievances and cries of one another. 

To challenge and encourage one another to embrace and give thanks to whatever this time and space looks like for each individual. 

To support our local businesses that make and build our communities. 

To send a handwritten letter and to be patient with time. 


An invitation to let go:

To let go of our expectations. 

To let go of our plans. 

To let go of our idols. 

To let go of our control that we never really had to begin with. 

To let go of our need to go, go, go.

To let go of our need to be productive and purposeful and needed. 


An invitation to heal:

To see that we, as a nation, are sick. We need space and time to heal. 

To see that we, as individuals, carry pain that we’ve buried deep and that we now have space, outside of the chaos of our day to day, to lean into that space. 

To see that we can be brave in this time. We can welcome in the silence and the kindness and the touch of a Savior. 

To see that we’ve been so divided as a nation and now, in crazy ways, this all is uniting us. There is healing happening and an invitation for us to further lean in. 


An invitation to create:

To use our hands to make and mold and grow new things. 

To write the words you’ve been afraid to speak. 

To paint even if you don’t know how to. 

To craft something with whatever it is you can find. 

To build a fort. 

To plant some plants. 

To cook a new meal. 


An invitation to be :

To be as human as you need. 

To feel each feeling that arises in the uncertainty. 

To let others in on what it is that you need. 

To enjoy the presence of whoever it is you share a home with: 

To laugh 

To cry 

To rest 

To pray 

To sing 

To dance 

To restore 

To grow 


We are being connected. United in the time where we are most divided. Each one impacted, to some degree. Each one of us just as human as the next. 


We are being awakened to see that there will always be uncertainty.

Our calendars are never concrete. 

Our hands can never control what we want to control. 

Our bodies and minds can only handle the worries of each day. 

But, peace and contentment can still enter into uncertainty. 

And, new gifts can bloom in unexpected ways. 


We are all mere mortals in this thing. Finite and in need of one another. 


Let’s be further awakened to the beauty of one another. 

Awakened to grow in empathy. 

Awakened to the opportunity to heal. 

Awakened to our selfishness and what can change when we change our gaze. 

Awakened to the gift of slowness and space. 


Let’s see. Let’s listen. Let’s love.

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