What do you see? Part 3.

the last continued piece of the “what do you see?” compilation. And what I have seen with each one of these writing pieces is a tremendous amount of bravery. I have seen and have been reminded that our perspectives are valuable— so much to learn from each one. We can never see it all, but together we can see more— we can see each other more. I think any time we take time to read someone else’s words for the sole purpose of hearing them, we leave changed a little bit more after reading. We see each other more when we listen to one another more.

Enjoy these beautiful and brave writing pieces. And if one of these writing pieces impact you, tell the writer. Your encouragement will go a long way.



I peak through the window to my heart.

It’s kinda dark in th— no, I look closer and it’s brighter than ever! Oh my, the flower blooms and flowing rivers and tall mountains and open fields, I do see it!

Out here it seems so dark in there. Oh my, but it’s not! Something is in there. Someone is in there. Someone bright and good and full. I see Him. Why didn’t I look in there first?

Through Him, I see myself truly. I don’t see who all the worlds made me out to be. I don’t see the medals hanging on my neck or failures written on my forehead or the rejection I’ve faced or the acceptance I’ve claimed as my value. I see Him in me. I see redemption in my history, truth in my present moment and beauty in what is to come.

I peak through the window of my heart, and there see the richest treasure. No treasure out here will suffice.

I see light in there. In his light, do we see light.

Oh yes, I see light in my heart’s little window!


Gracyn Lastinger


Hand motion versus count fingers, Can you read this line of letters for me?

Attached versus detached, Can you see the black dot?

Resolved versus recurrent, Does it help if I point?

Light perception versus NLP, Do you see any floaters?

Recommend observation versus re-treat today, Flashes of light?

Vitreous clear versus hazy view, Is this a recent change?

Reassured as stable versus guarded prognosis, Are you in any pain?

How are you feeling? Do you have any questions?

Patient to call the office and return without delay should they notice any visual changes or concerns prior to their next appointment.

Anna Schramski


“What do you see?”

Last month I saw mountains and valleys, sunrises and sunsets. I was seeing desperation in eyes for something more. Something bigger than their hunger and more plentiful than their gardens.

Last week I saw oceans. I saw the vastness of creation and beauty. I felt the deep-ness of His love and was drowning in blessing.

Today I see the busy life of New York. I see people who “have it all” but nothing at the same time. I see people who can’t see themselves. I see people crossing streets, sitting at tables, riding the subway all consumed with scrolling looking at a life they don’t have and missing the one right in front of them.

I see a possibility of a future I don’t want.

I see a picture of myself slipping onto a busy path, getting lost and searching for signs pointing in the right directions.

BUT I see Jesus.

I see Him at every corner holding HIS sign saying, “follow me.”

I feel my nerves turning into excitement. I feel my excitement turning into confidence. I feel my confidence turning into His gospel for His glory.

Today, Im starting to see my new normal with the same Jesus in the same country I proudly call my home.

I’m home!!!

Katie Bouchie



The cashier at the Cookout drive through is confused,

make sure to

check your car.

You don’t like country music,

ask yourself

who does.

You can’t afford the pink Puma sneakers,

make sure to

double check the $159 price tag.

Her momma hits her,

consider that

she’s not the only one.

Stop at the gas station,

take them all in

with you.

She calls,

just listen.

In college,

don’t forget

who told you to be there.

Beg her to call the police,


she’s got a family.

He never hurt her,

know that

she’s the anchor baby.

Alex Washburn


I stopped to notice what I see
It wasn’t all what I wish it to be
But it is what it is so just tell me what do you see?

I see all those around me in pain
Oh wait or is it me reflecting it
No no they are they told me so they must be
But they are good people why do they see pain?

I see heaviness, it was no longer just when climbing the stairs
It was in every step of the day
What is it that I’m seeing that is making it so hard to bear?

I see everything and it’s opposite
The goodness of laughter and the blessing of tears
Feelings that don’t make any logic and the logic that don’t change the feelings
Even the she said he said arguments, who to say that what they see is wrong? They are both right and equally wrong

Patience and Prays.
I see how this works, you see with “patience and prayers” you see all you need to see.
You see it pass
You see the blessing of taking steps
You see the good and the bad shaping you
You see them prayers heard
Most of all you see that God has you, and what else would you want if you have everything

Menna Nasser


I see a little girl with a big bow in her hair

A little girl with big blue eyes just like her grandma

A little girl who sees hurt and hate and isolation, and doesn’t understand it

But yet she sees it

A little girl who wants to see more


I see this little girl, she’s growing up now

Swinging on the playground

Trying to understand what it looks like to see others

A little girl who wants to see more


This little girl is not so little anymore

She is growing. She is seeing more.

And this is good

But also bad

She sees those around her and smiles

Those around her see her and turn away

Why does no one want to stay?

Is she the only one who wants to see more? she wonders as her smile disappears


This little girl sees beauty and confidence all around her

Why can’t she see it in herself?

This little girl sees the way families love each other

Why doesn’t she see it in her own?

The little girl just wants to see more


This little girl continues to grow

Her big blue eyes have seen a lot

Grandma told her they would

But is she actually seeing?


This girl is looking and searching

Seeing but not seeing

Her eyes are glazing over

Does anyone else see this?

Anyone? Anyone?


She decides to close her eyes.

She doesn’t want to see anymore.

She has been searching to see more and has only found less.

She refuses to open her eyes. She refuses.


But the darkness is tearing her apart.

Why is she doing this to herself?

Where is the little girl who wants to see more?

She must be in there somewhere


With one last ounce of hope, she peaks open her eyes to see if there is anything left to see

What does she see?


She sees eyes looking back at her

Eyes that see and love rather than eyes that turn away

Eyes that shine and sparkle with something different

Where is that in her own eyes? the little girl wonders

She is scared. She just wants to shut her eyes again.

But something holds them open

What is it?

It’s the sparkle. She can’t look away from those eyes in front of her

The eyes that see her

The eyes overflowing with love

And those eyes had so much to say

And those eyes showed her


Suddenly, she began to see it

She began to see all of the other eyes

The other eyes that were full of this sparkle and shine

The eyes that see her

And want to show her more

The eyes had been right in front of her the entire time

But finally she noticed

And those eyes taught her how to see

It was as if her eyes were widening with every step of growth

The growing girl just wants to see more


I see a little girl with brand new sight

A little girl who thought she had seen everything the world had to offer — hurt and pain and isolation and shame

But now a little girl who’s eyes had only just been opened

Opened to love and wonder

Rather than hurt and hate

A little girl who finally is seeing more


I see a little girl who’s eyes are no longer scared

A little girl who has seen

And found

And trusted

And known

The little girl is seeing


Where is this little girl now?

This little girl is in the midst of a beautiful journey

She always has been, but finally she sees and understands the beauty of this journey


I see the little girl standing in a field — a field that used to be dark and grey and withered — now full of flowers of every color

She sees a Hand – a very strong Hand – reach down and pick out the flowers that are her most favorite and give them to her

The Hand knows

Because the Hand has always seen

Even when the little girl couldn’t

And so, she dances

Hand in hand with the One who has always seen her


And so the little girl looks forward — but can’t quite see what’s next

And that’s okay

Because it’s not about knowing what she will see next

It’s about what she’s seen

It’s about what she’s seeing now

It’s about trusting that she will continue to see as she takes steps forward, clinging to the grasp of that oh so strong Hand


So she takes steps onto what appears to be thin air

And she sees solid ground beneath

This is what she sees

And this is what she knows she will always see

Even when she couldn’t

And even when she thinks she cant

She knows that she can see because she has been seen


She’s just a little girl who is hungry to see more

Hailey Hawkins


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