Music Maker

So many competing sounds. It’s wonderful. Music is all around you— in everything. The world is singing it’s way through the day.

Birds singing. Bees dancing around your screen to the beat of their buzz. Construction creating it’s own tunes. Cars riding by constantly to input their sound in this space. A lawnmower in the distance making it’s own music too. A bus stopping and singing as it moves. Branches dancing and quietly singing as they brush up against the wind. Squirrels rummaging around the trees, also crafting together their own unique beat. There is even music behind made through the feet walking on the pebbles around you.

You listen and you hear.

The only sound you make is the typing of your keys. You sit on this bench that is comfortably locked in to a hidden space. A bush separates you and the other bench that is also tucked away in this pristine garden. On that bench sits another girl who seems to love the freedom of the place. She sits and sings. It is so lovely and life-giving to you. You can barley make out the words she says, but the rawness of a voice singing along with the music of the place is enthralling.

You are not sure if she knows you are there. If she does, then you admire her freedom to still be and to still sing. If she doesn’t, then you feel honored to hear her freedom that lies within her secret place.

Before you heard her voice sing you were sitting there writing a different writing piece. You chose not to put in headphones because you were enjoying the strange music that was all encompassing. But as you began to type, the world’s songs faded away as your mind focused in on the page. It was this girl’s willingness to sing that struck you and took you away from what you were writing.

What a holy disruption it was.

You don’t remember the last time you heard someone simply singing alone in a public space. You can hardly even think of the last time you saw someone dancing just to dance. There are those special moments where you drive by someone who is walking along the streets, with their headphones in, and their feet swaying to the beat. You love it. You love that they don’t care what others think and that they so willingly, and unapologetically jam out  to the music that sings. They hear it. They feel it. They let the music move them. They allow themselves to enter into the joy and the escape. And they invite you into the freedom to do the same.

Do you do the same? Are you free to let loose and sing— even if your voice can’t carry the tune and even if no one will hear? Are you free to hear the music and to dance— even if people may look at you silly and even if you really cannot dance?

What holds you back? Who holds you back? The fear of judgment? The fear of someone hearing you and not liking what they hear? The fear of interrupting someone else’s day? The fear of freedom?

You can be free. You can freely sing. You can freely move your feet to whatever music fuels you. But freedom has a cost. Are you willing to leave the fear that binds you? Because in some strange way, our fears can become comfortable. It feels safe to not sing. If you don’t sing, then you don’t have to face the chance of someone telling you to stop. If you don’t sing, then you don’t have to face the chance of feeling embarrassed. If you don’t sing, then you can continue to hide and be unseen.

But if you don’t sing, you keep locked in the music that so desperately wants to free you.

You sit on that bench, locked into this space, with an opportunity to escape the fears and to allow them to dissipate in the freedom. You sit on that bench, with a voice that can sing and feet that can move to the music around you. So, will you sing? Will you dance? Will you allow life itself to fuel you— to bring you to dance? Will you enter in to the creative process of the making of music that is always happening?

You too are a music maker.

You too can be free to sing.

You too can be a cage-less bird, flying, wondering, and freely singing.

So be free. Stop overcomplicating. Stop letting fear keep you in the cage. Just be and simply, let your voice loose and sing.


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