Duct Taped

This post is long overdue and to anyone who has driven in my car, this post is quite anticipated and humorous. My roommate and I make fun of how I tend to make most things a metaphor to my life… (guess it is a good thing I’m an English/English Education major) and since November my rear view mirror has been a huge metaphor for my life.

Since November my rear view mirror has been broken— it snapped off the glass and dangles by a few wires. When it broke I was really sick and tried to quickly tape it back to the glass.. that failed miserably… so then I tried super glue… that failed worse. Then, my roommate and a few friends took my car while I was sick to get me medicine and they also went out to try to fix this problem. They found some strong velcro that actually held up the mirror for a week. The battle between this mirror and I has continued for three months now… some days it just makes me laugh and some days it has made me want to scream. I’ve been using duct tape with the velcro for two months now and some times it holds, but eventually it always breaks again.

Every time I drive someone I always make the joke that the duct taped rear view mirror is me and my life, the funny thing is, that joke is so true. This week I finally realized that I need to get this thing fixed. I took my time that was set aside to hangout with a good friend Leland and I dragged him along with me to the car shop. The car shop couldn’t fix it until Friday, and this was Wednesday, so Leland decided that he was going to help me fix this thing. All of Wednesday afternoon was dedicated to going to home depot— getting the glue and supplies needed, going home and scraping off old glue, and then holding the mirror to the glass with the wet glue for over an hour. Leland literally held his hand to my mirror for more than an hour, determined to fix this thing, and never once complained. He served me so willingly and lovingly and in turn, trying to fix a rear view mirror became an afternoon overflow of good conversation, a lot of laughter, and a weird night. After holding the mirror to the glass for an hour, we got pretty cold and hungry and decided to duct tape it again while the glue was drying. We went to get some dinner and had high hopes of this mirror finally being fixed. Unfortunately, the glue never dried, the mirror was still broken, and we actually killed my car battery from keeping the car running while trying to fix this whole shindig.  So, that night we had to jump my car and come to the conclusion that the car needs to go to the shop. I’m laughing as I type this because this whole situation is historical and is such a picture of what I am constantly doing in my life.

From the first time this mirror snapped off from the glass I should have taken it to the shop to be fixed, but I got sick and then life began to pile up and I just “didn’t have time to fix it” and “I could fix it myself”. I was so stubborn and so frustrated that this mirror wouldn’t hold to the glass and that it continued to break, yet I never took it to the one who could fix it. I was fully aware that this mirror was broken. I went through almost a whole role of duct tape… A WHOLE ROLE… before I would finally take it to the shop. And that’s just what I do. I put duct tape on my wounds and on the brokenness in my life and as soon as the duct tape loses it’s stick, I put on a new piece. I wait for the role to run out and then I finally will bring my brokenness to the only One who can fix it.

You can’t see it, but I am covered in duct taped and slowly but surely the Lord is taking away that stick on the tape to draw me to Him. The process of taking off our duct tape and opening up our wounds is hard, scary, but so needed and necessary.

“He rescued me, because he delighted in me” – Psalm 18 — this has been engraved on my heart this week. He takes away the duct tape and rescues us from all that has impaled us , because he delights in us. Why wouldn’t we run to Him then? Why wouldn’t we allow him to fix what is broken?

Why are we so desperately trying to rescue ourselves?

I think that answer looks different for each of. Our duct tape all looks different and our wounds all look different. The one thing we all have in common is that there is only One who can rescue us. Go to that hard place today of seeking out where you have placed duct tape and allow Him to strip that and heal you. We can’t do it on our own no matter how hard we try. Our friends and family can’t fix it for us no matter how much we want them to. And no amount of food, alcohol, television, sleep, or activity will fix us either— so lets stop seeking for rescuing in all the wrong places and surrender. Friends, He delights in us and loves us beyond what we can even comprehend and we are resisting that love with every piece of duct tape we use. Fall into His arms and fall into His embrace and restoration.


Today I am thankful that my rear view mirror no longer needs duct tape and that I can finally see that I too no longer need it. I am free to surrender all my brokenness to Him—it’s not in my hands to fix, and never was, and hallelujah to that.

I’m praying for anyone reading my overly-analyzed metaphor and overflow of heart—praying that you will allow Him to take away the duct tape and rescue you. Praying that you’ll go to the hard place of seeking out where and how you’re covering yourself with duct tape and that you’ll surrender that to Him. And praying that you have a friend to walk with you in that.

I’m rooting heavy for you this Friday afternoon.





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