The He in me

Something college has quickly taught me is that people are most definitely His most beautiful creation. For a long time this was always a hard thing for me to believe because I had never thought of myself as more beautiful than all the things that capture my eye with their beauty. Never would I have thought that I am more beautiful than the sunset that causes people to pull over and admire because they were so mesmerized. Never would I have thought that I am more beautiful than the reflection of the moon off the ocean waves. Never would I have thought that I am more beautiful that the snow brushed mountain caps. But here’s what is so radical, we really are more beautiful than all the things that captivate us and leave us speechless. We are more beautiful than the sunsets we instagram. And we are more beautiful than whatever societies definition of beautiful is each week. The reason to that is simple: The He in me and the He in you.

I’ve met more people than my head can handle in the past 3 months (concussion problems or not) and there are no two same people. Everyone has something to offer and it’s so exciting getting to watch the unraveling of each individual’s gifts. I have a friend here who has pushed me to seek out the different characteristics of Jesus in each person I’ve met and I cannot even begin to explain how that has changed my perspective of people. I’ve started to really see and believe that we are His most beautiful creation because it’s in us that He lives. Now, I am not saying everything we do is from the Jesus in us, because there are a lot of things we do from our selfish and sinful nature. But I am talking about the joy in people, the hearts of gratitude, the servant hearts, the selflessness in people, the humble hearts, the leadership in people, the vulnerability in people, the passionate hearts, the boldness in people, and the gentleness of people. All these things are different characteristics of Jesus that He brings out in different people and it’s so exciting looking for that in people.

The other day I just needed to do a little something for myself and wanted to have a little whimsey in my life, so I went to go and get a haircut. This little thing I went to do for myself turned out to be something that God had set for me. The reason I say that is because of God’s divine appointment of me meeting my hair dresser for the day, Ellie. Ellie is one of the most gentle and fun loving spirits I have ever met. She had something different about her —she was so intentional. She wasn’t asking me questions about my life just to cut the awkwardness of getting a hair cut, no she genuinely wanted to know me and my heart. When I asked her what brought her from Pennsylvania to Atlanta she goes, “you know this is going to sound weird, but I just felt the Lord call me here” I was set back by her boldness in saying that and also very pumped. Ellie opened the door to a conversation that I will hold on very tightly to. The rest of the time she was cutting my hair we got to talk about Christ and what He has done in our life. She then shared with me how she uses her job as a place of ministry. Ellie sees great value in showing women their beauty in Christ through getting a hair cut and I love that. Ellie serves and loves her co-workers and she shines Jesus so naturally. I admire her heart behind what she does and admire her boldness. She has such a servant’s heart and she has a beautiful gift of gentleness that the Lord is using. And Ellie is just one example of how He lives in us and how He chooses to use us.

He lives in us and our breathe is His breathe and I don’t want that to be a fact I become use to— no, I want that to be a fact that excites my heart every morning. That is a fact that gives us so much purpose and I don’t want to undermine that. Today, I want to encourage you to think about the He in you. I want to push you to see the gifts he has given you, and if you are struggling to see them because the lies are strong today, then ask a friend. Stop letting the lies seep deeper—don’t let them find a home in you. Fill yourself up with His truth and rejoice in the fact that you are His most beautiful creation. I know this is so hard. I know the mirror tells us differently some times. I know social media brings about an uncanny pressure to look one way. I know movies and magazines give us an unrealistic image of how we “should” look. And I know the comparison game is the absolute worst. I’ve fallen into this world with all of those things and many times my roommate has had to push me to see the truth. I’ve found myself in tears before an event because I just wasn’t feeling beautiful. And I’ve found myself making a home for the lies. I am with you in this struggle. But my friends, we have to fight this and we have got to cling to the truth.

I have a sweet friend Katie and she shared something very wise with me. Katie and some of her friends were getting ready for an event all together in a room and quickly the lies were screaming loud and girls began to voice how they did’t feel pretty. One by one the girls started to point out what they didn’t like about themselves in that moment. Katie pushed them all out of the room and into the hallway for a meeting and asked each girl what they thought of one another. Of course, they each said how beautiful their friends looked and could easily point out what they loved about them. But they couldn’t do that for themselves and that’s where we often all are. But Katie was pushing them to love themselves and to see the Jesus in themselves just as they can see that in each other.

Start seeking out the characteristics of Jesus in each person you meet, but don’t forget yourself in that. Rest in Him and rest assured that this world is not your home. “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” – Hebrews 13:14. Do not let the things of this world pull you down and do not let the lies win.

I want to leave you with one more piece of encouragement, and this comes from a little note my roommate stuck in my bible that reads:

“Your identity is in HIM. All good things are from the Lord. Remember that. He wants you to come with all you have. “Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters” Isaiah 55:1″

Come to Him my friends, come to Him with the hurt and the insecurities and allow Him to lead you in the truth that you are His most beautiful creation.

You are His. And you are more beautiful than this captivating sunrise. Believe it.

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