This past weekend I had the chance to go back home for a few days and it was a very sweet and nostalgic weekend. On Saturday I had a lot of work to do from being sick the week prior and missing class and that led me back into my favorite little Starbucks. This Starbucks was my place of refuge my senior year and I didn’t realize how much I went there until returning back and feeling a sense of “home.” I went to order my usual Chai Tea Latte (except now, thanks to college, I have to drink a dirty Chi with my two shots of espresso) and to my surprise, my favorite barista was there to take my drink order. As soon as I walked up to order, she recognized me immediately and even seemed to delight in seeing me again. We got to talk for a little and then when I went to pick up my drink order, she had my name written right on it. I know that seems like something so small, but to me, it meant the world. My sweet barista made me feel known and she gave me such a picture of how the Lord views us all. He delights in our coming to Him, He takes great joy in serving us, and I’m sure he is so excited to hand us our coffee cup with our name on it.

We all have this urge to feel known and to be seen. It is our human tendency to desire attention from others and it so often leads us to a lot of hurt and loneliness. We seek to be seen from anyone and everyone and we allow ourselves to get tangled up in lies of where our value comes from. It is something I have become very aware in myself throughout this first semester of college. But my sweet friends, we are already known by the CREATOR of the Universe. He has our name on the cup of our lives he holds. He sees us even when we feel so unseen. He values us even when we are in our pit of darkness. And he takes thought of us even when the thought of Him doesn’t even surface our mind.

I was sitting in Grace Athens church service this past Sunday and they had this sweet time of Worship and prayer where you could choose to stand and worship, or sit and pray, or take communion, or journal, or do whatever you felt your heart needed and in that time, I got to see just how incredibly personal with us all Our God is. Every person in the room was spending time with the Lord, but all in such different ways and it was so cool to think about how in that moment, He was listening and talking with us each. He Knows each of our hearts and He Knows our thoughts and He Knows our mess and even still, He reaches out, takes our hand, and heals us. Guys, this kind of love just blows me away and I can’t help but just have a heart of so much thankfulness.

1 Peter 2:9 says “But YOU are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Friends, lets walk out of darkness and into His marvelous light and take such great delight in the fact we are chosen, we are known, and we are His beloved. Jesus sees the unseen and loves the unloved. I am praying that today, and everyday, you are able to rest assured in the truth that you are Known and you are His beloved. He is just waiting to hand you your cup — go to Him and receive it.

Rooting heavily for you all,



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