What gets your heart excited?

I think words are power. I love what people have to say – we all have a story and our words stem from how that story has been written. Passion is something that is rooted into each person and into each story. And with that, I want to hear people’s words. I want to get a glimpse at someone’s story through reading their words of passion. I love to write, but what I love more is reading what other’s have to write. So that’s what this post is – an embodiment of other’s words on what gets their heart excited. Fall in love with the words and hearts of others and then share your words too and add on to this always work in progress post.

Stephanie Park

my heart gets so excited when someone talks about wanting to make changes. whether it’s changes in just one person, community or even the world, it gets me so excited. just hearing people talk about their passion to be the change in any shape or form makes me genuinely happy and grateful to be able to share the same sky as them.

Harper Allen

This is actually one of my favorite things to talk about but what makes my heart excited is when people talk about their passions and you can see the light in their eyes and feel their passion radiating off of them. Also, I love to see people happy and hearing about what makes them happy.

Gracyn Lastinger

Here’s what excites me:

Newness excites me. Going to new places and meeting new people is one of the sweetest things. And the two coincide – I love new places because it brings new people, I love new people because I get to learn about new places. Meeting new people is JOY because everyone has their own story – Jesus is working in the lives of everyone. Meeting new people means getting to see what Jesus is up to in different places. And above all the newness in the world – how exciting is it that Jesus is making us new everyday.

Jennifer Kunin


At first glance, you may think this is a very strange thing to get my heart excited, but hopefully my reasoning makes sense.

There have been two times in my life so far where I can say without a doubt that I have experienced true community, the way God intended for it to be- Pioneer Plunge last summer, and Work Crew this summer. There are so many amazing aspects to each of these things, but the community experienced at each of them is what probably left the biggest impact on me. Never have I felt so fully known but so fully loved than at plunge and work crew. Every time I think of my time spent at both those places, I just cant help but think that this is such a small glimpse of what heaven and eternity is going to be like. If those two small, small portions of my life were so great, how much GREATER will it be in heaven where its like that all the time!!

This is why community makes my heart so excited. It is one of the few times here on earth where we really get to see what we have waiting for us in heaven, and where we can so very clearly see God here on Earth. These sweet moments were just God saying, “just wait until you see what I have for you Here”. Community is such a great thing, completely orchestrated by His hands, and I quite possibly believe it to be one of the best things this world has to offer. I can’t wait for the day where this isn’t something felt only a handful of times but its a constant thing we all get to experience day in and day out.

Mary Evans Weaver

What gets my heart excited is like. Everything about it. Ups downs highs lows. How all these things are part of life, and we should thank the Lord for the good and bad. THE LORD IS GOOD! And each and everyone of us are special to him, we are one of his favorites, and if that doesn’t make your heart excited I don’t know what will


What gets me excited is the first time someone let’s you love them. Like the first time they trust you enough to let their walls down and be vulnerable with you. And you can care for them right where they’re at.

Sydney Neibert

So what makes me happy? God.

Zahli Hayden

people interest me. it’s honestly incredible to me that there are 7 billion human beings out there and each and every individual has a completely different story. every one has a story, and I just love listening and learning. I look around in my classes and see so many familiar faces that have so much more depth to them then we really know. different heartaches & tears & nights that shook us to pieces, different laughs & memories & friendships. We’re all so different, God created us all like that. with stories & life. and it really gets me going, and I love getting to know about those stories and those lives. people, man. I love em.

Ryan Flack

Deep conversations between two best friends is what gets me excited. The intimate moment between two close friends when nothing else matters except what is going on in each other’s hearts. The moment of being there to comfort your best opportunity to hear the hearts of some of my friends who are hurting. I just really love deep conversations and it’s something I pray for, that God will give me the friend or vise versa is what does it for me. Doing life with others is SO important and I think being honest about our own hearts with whom we love is vital.

Sophie Graham

I have found that when I let go of seeking approval from others that my life is filled with joy and my heart excited. Life is so much better when you stop keeping track.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love being outdoors hehe. I love being the Lord’s creation. Fresh air makes my heart jump. Truly. Be it the mountains or ocean or just a pretty day, I would rather be outside always.

I also love making things. Manual labor, crafts, being sweaty, and seeing progress. I think it’s so cool that God gave us minds that can invent things and hands that can create things.

All of this pretty much adds up to plunge.

I love reminding people how loved they are by Jesus (and me). I truly think the Lord has given me a heart for this. When I think about some of my friends who don’t know the Lord, my heart literally aches because I want them to know the peace and comfort that comes from a relationship with God. My heart is excited when I get to talk to people about how special they are in the eyes of the Lord. Everyone wants to know they are loved.

I love surprising people.

A huge portion of my day is (unintentionally) devoted to thinking about adventures and places I haven’t been and people I haven’t met, and things I haven’t done yet. When I get to try new things my heart is excited. Traveling, new food, telling people things I haven’t told anyone before. I think it all comes from a place of being afraid, but choosing to do the thing that scares me anyway.

Community. Community is my big one. My YL community,  my family, my friends back home, my church. Being with people that remind me of the promises of the Lord. Being around people who make me laugh and love me well. Being with people who a lot of the time know me better than I know myself. I am so certain that God created us for community, partially because its in the bible, partially because I know what it is like to live without it.

Maddie Howell

“What makes your heart excited?” Man, this question- my mind immediately goes to scrambled eggs when I hear it. I could always go with the typical Christian answer: Jesus, and be done. I mean it would be a true statement for sure. I could respond in a couple sentences about who He is and why I love him, and whoever is reading this would probably give a few head nods of approval. It would be enough, just enough to fit right into the mold of the way I would like to be perceived. This response however, wouldn’t quite suffice, so bare with me as I attempt to make sense of the real reasons why Jesus makes my heart skip beats. Why when I see Him working, my face unknowingly slips into a smile, and my skin get chills throughout my entire body, even in the heat of the sun. Why when I’m apart from him, there’s this weird sense of loneliness that I can’t quite comprehend.

Let’s start with my favorite scene. Picture this: you’re on a roof in Haiti. There are noises all around you. Kids below you are laughing at the new bar of soap you just gave them, so excited to get to wash the hands of everyone that walks within a ten foot radius. Dogs barking, chickens running around the entire compound, goats, birds… noises from basically any animal you can think of are ringing in your ears like a fire alarm. If you really listen, there are voices of worship coming from the church, and honking from the streets in the distance. Sometimes, it’s so loud that you can barely even hear yourself think. This situation seems like it would be incredibly overwhelming, but you’re wrong. It’s actually quite beautiful.

You sit. You close your eyes. You listen. Somehow, the noises stuffing your head and interrupting all your confused thoughts fit together seamlessly. Different people, different animals, different instruments- some loud, some quiet, some full, some broken- all coming together to create one voice. One peaceful voice that fills my heart to the brim and satisfies my hidden emptiness. It’s the kind of voice that reminds us of our humanity. It reminds us of our brokenness. It reminds us that we don’t have a purpose on our own. But Jesus? With him, we can bring tears to laughter and mourning to rejoicing. We can teach the people that think they never have a chance how much worth they really have. We can ask Jesus to give us our place in His family. Our wobbly weak-kneed selves can be made strong in Him. Our cracked, messed up hands can open and mend with his, creating our intended character.

Now let’s go back to my point about fitting into the “mold of the way I would like to be perceived”. I’d say it describes my life pretty accurately. In fact, I think it describes most people’s lives. And I hate that society has brought that insecurity so largely into a place that it wasn’t meant for. We all have problems. We all have pain. We all are helpless and incompetent. But we have become EXPERTS at hiding that behind a wall of safety. It’s pretty ironic, because this method is counterproductive in my opinion. Covering ourselves with this face that we think people want to see leads us to a place of isolation, trapping ourselves in our own kind of prison. We, as humans, were created to be real. We were created to have community. We were created to grow together in faith with each other. One body, one church, one voice. So why are we so afraid? If we know that the only perfect person to ever live on this earth was Jesus, what makes us so hesitant to show this world the complete, imperfect us? We have so much more depth than we allow others to even get a glimpse at. This ignorance, though frustrating, is the beginning of where my heart starts to beat a little faster.

My favorite thing in the world is getting to see the Lord break people. Not because I like watching someone feel helpless and shattered, but because I know that that’s how He’s going to get to them. He’s been knocking. He’s been chasing. But this is the moment when you notice the extent of your own filth and disjointedness. It’s the moment that Jesus can be let inside your life completely and start to build you back up. Only in that moment can He bring you to the place He created you for. Only in that moment will we see his extended full arm of grace, that is so sufficient for us, and the power that is made perfect in the weaknesses we have. When we see that we are broken, we can finally be free from the expectations, the lies, the pain. We can be free from any chains that hold us back. We can be free in who we are and free in our purpose in this world. Freedom is a great thing. And that is why my heart gets excited when it sees the brokenness that comes before it. Please don’t ever be scared to break through the walls because you were created for so much more, and just like the noises when I’m on a rooftop in Haiti, we can find our purpose in the chaos of the world, and be a part of that voice that brings all the glory back to God.

Chip Frederking

It warms my heart to see ordinary people do extraordinary things when they are most challenged in their lives. No matter what life throws at them, these people are thankful for the challenge and inspire others as they battle their own hardship, always looking forward and never behind. This level of peace and selflessness is something to aspire to but very difficult to obtain.

Sami Lucas

my heart gets excited when I witness other people’s excitement for sure. when you see someone talk about or experience something they’re passionate about it they get that light in their eyes and they’re whole body language changes and ahh i just love it.

Nani Branner


what gets my heart excited
is that this is not our forever home
this is just what’s leading us there
we can feel uncomfortable here
because one day we will be welcomed
we will be received
with arms wide open
we will be alleviated

Bridget O’donnell

I think what excites my heart the most is making other people’s hearts excited. I love making people laugh and I love laughing with people. You know that question “what makes you feel most alive?”, for me it it’s for sure laughing. The kind of laughing that when your done your stomach hurts and there are tears in your eyes. I love just the burst of happiness and the moment when you completely forget about everything else. I love sharing that moment with people. And I absolutely love hearing other people’s laugh, no laugh is the same and I think that’s so cool. Ultimately, what excites my heart is laughter and getting to share that moment with someone you love or someone you just met. Laughter is a universe language and thats pretty amazing to me!!

Nick Soong

I think what gets my heart excited is seeing people who truly love me and those I truly love them back.

Jeri Sasser

Music. Hearing it. Playing it. Writing it. I feel like it creates an opportunity to take some of the unpleasant things in life and turn them into something beautiful.

Emily Cyr

coffee (especially on Sundays with my mom), a successful long run, sunsets, naps, looking at him, fuzzy blankets, music, joyful people.

Lillabea Cochran

A Little Bit of What Excites My Heart!!!!!!

Those moments when I’m standing in the midst of a mass of people, side by side, the lights are dimmed and when I lift my eyes I see flashes of colored lights painting the walls and and streaking peoples’ faces- hands lifted high to Heaven, loudly proclaiming our battle cry in Christ’s name, united by something greater than health and wealth and life itself.  & I can barely hear myself think because of the hundreds of young people rocking and swaying and jumping in crazy harmony, passionately celebrating life and the Giver of Life.  The noise overwhelms and mutes any other noise the earth is screaming at the moment.  Oh and I get those chills I do because I’m confident that I’m just practicing for the days when I’ll be singing my heart out not to Heaven, but IN Heaven.  I’ll be with the angels and disciples and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ; we’ll finally be home, staring at the God we’ve been praying to for so long.

My heart also skips a beat for those nights when I’ve got the thrill of feeling so alive when music is at the max.  It’s filling my ears and the wind is tossing my hair all over the car with my people sitting close together, screaming and belting out Jordan Sparks or the Jonas Brothers or Fight Song at the top of their lungs.  My feet are hanging out of the window and one of my hands is out of the window too, moving to the beat of whatever’s playing with gushes of air hitting it, and the lights and trees and houses and everything else turns into flashes of warped mushes of colors because of how fast we’re flying.  We’re happy and young and together and we feel free from stress or anxiety for a couple songs worth…

Mahal Kita gives me butterflies.  That’s “I love you” in a Filipino dialect on the island of Bantayan.  The sound of those kids at Tarong Elementary looking up at you with those brown eyes and sweet, soft grins- with eyes that have seen so much and a grin that hasn’t always been there because they know real suffering- but all the while, that little girl or little boy is just gazing up at you and shouts or whispers or mumbles “Mahal kita, Ate Lillabea” (I love you, sister Lillabea).  And it only took a couple days for that little one to decide that he or she loves you enough to verbalize it- that easy earned, never ending love is exciting and lasting.

You know those sunrises or sets that put every artist to shame?  You know the ones- those bursts of color swallowing up clouds and excitingly welcoming you into a new day or powerfully saying goodnight.  Those skies that make me stare- they steal my attention and keep my eyes for the half hour or so that it looks like magic.  The purples and reds and golds…they excite me.  But possibly the most exciting part is, we’re all under it.  Every single living person on this earth has the greatest ceiling of all time- a galaxy!!!  And we did absolutely nothing to earn it; we just get the privilege of seeing colors before or after the darkness invades.

I also love when I’m barefoot, wearing a dainty little sundress or a maxi that falls down my whole body and flows when I walk and makes me want to sway to some sweet songs with flowers in my hair.  With my back or collarbones showing gracefully.  I love feeling pretty and elegant.  Not ever because I want to look or feel better than the others around me- that’s not even possible with the good-looking friends I’ve got, but rather because I think it’s important to feel pretty and to take nights to dance and sway and get lost in swing dancing and effortlessly smile and truly laugh the night away.

People rock my heart too.  I enjoy impressive people, I guess everyone does.  People that simply radiate and live for more than the weekend or the newest iPhone or pad or pod, but instead live for a God that makes even the poorest rich in things that last are exciting.  The ones that rattle grey days.  People that demand a life well lived, won’t settle for meaningless conversations, and love deep and hard and white are exciting.  People with depth to them- the ones that know pain but relentlessly choose joy, the ones that aren’t afraid to celebrate others, the ones that have words that inspire and thoughts that your mind hasn’t thought quite yet- those kinds of people…the rare ones, the wild ones, the ones that are doin’ something right- they excite me.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All of these words don’t even come close to the actual feeling my heart gets when I’m living out the moments I just tried to describe.  Ugh.  There’s so many moments and people and places that excite my heart.

Alexx Beato

So, what makes my heart excited?

I am so in love with not only hearing about what people’s passions are but actually watching (not in a weird way) people speak about what they are passionate about. Hearing about what people love fills my heart with so much joy. I find it so interesting to learn about what people love because it is usually very different from my own passions. I think someones passions tell you a lot about them and I love to just learn about people and what fills their own hearts with joy. I also love learning about other people’s passions because no two people have the same answer. Sure, two people may be passionate about the same overall topic but the parts that they love and how they view that topic is always so different and I absolutely love seeing those different views. Plus, it makes me happy seeing other people so enthused and happy about something.

Now, along with listening to a person speak about their passions there is also watching them talk about it. It is amazing how a person changes when they get to talk about the one thing they truly love. You can see a special light in their eyes that you haven’t ever really seen before and you can feel their excitement radiate off of them. You see that person in the best possible state they could be in, they will never be more happy or excited and I love seeing that side of people.

I believe their is a big different between asking someone what they want to do with their life and what they are passionate about. If you ask the same person these two very different questions you will see what I mean. When talking about what they want to do with their life you won’t get anything new, but when you ask a person what they are passionate about, you get the best and most exciting version of them. It gives you a new perspective on not only the person but on life. I recently asked  good friend his passion is and although he is a business major, his true passion is writing. I have never seen him so full of joy and light before and witnessing that side of him filled my heart with excitement.

So, that is it. That is what gets my heart excited, seeing the light in people’s eyes and learning about what makes others happy. There is a beauty that lies within everyone and there is no greater joy for me then learning about what creates the treaty and what the base of everyone’s story is.

Hannah Glass

My hearts gets overwhelmingly excited when the puzzle pieces of life fit together. When suddenly all the little moments and events in life connect in an instant and God’s plan is made clear for a brief, shining second. We often go through life experiencing little moments, storing them away in our minds or throwing them out. We don’t stop to think where each decision, each little moment, every event will lead our lives. BUT when the pinnacle moments of our lives happen, those pieces suddenly click and the Lord’s majesty and power knocks me off my feet.


I’ve thought about it a lot since you’ve asked me to write you and tell you what gets my heart excited, and I’ve had ideas but haven’t really known how to put into words. I’m not very good with words or at making decisions easily haha, so it’s not surprise that I’ve taken so long to write. But sitting here, across from you in jittery joes and hearing about your life and your dreams has helped me realize what gets my heart excited. I’m very much a people person and love to be around lots of different groups. I also am very emotional and sympathetic and feel what other people feel, a lot of time that shows with tears, happy or sad ones haha. What gets my heart really excited is to hear what get’s others excited and to hear what other people are passionate about. I love thinking about what kind of difference people are going to make and what kind of difference they want to make. I love when a subject comes up in a conversation and all of a sudden someones face lights up and their eyes get big and a huge smile spreads across their face. I love when other people are happy and when they get excited. Whether thats talking about what they want to do this summer or after college, or if they are talking about someone, if they’re really pumped because they’ve been studying for a test for weeks and made a really great grade, or if they’ve accomplished something they’ve always wanted to do – like a camper going off the zip line for the first time (no small defeat let me tell you), or a prayer request finally being answered. I love people and I love their love for their own personal passions and what gets their own hearts going. Reading all these post from all these other people gets my heart really pumped. I think its really cool because God gave us our own gifts and talents and our own passions and its exciting to see how He uses those in everyone. Its also excited because it just shows how great God is because he’s made us all special and unique and when we get to use those passions for His Glory, the party really begins!

Anna Grace Bowling

What gets my heart excited is knowing that God is right by my side all day, everyday. Knowing that he is holding my hand and walking me step by step down my path make my heart scream with joy. I am so young and I don’t know the path God wants me to venture onto, but I know that it will consist of a mission trip or two. Being in middle school, and not being wise like most, I don’t know what the world’s like and how to handle it, but I know that God is the way, the light, and the truth and he is the path for me and just knowing he’s by my side makes my heart excited!!

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