Be Still.

be still.

I’ve had these two words engraved on my heart and mind since the beginning of summer and I’ve wanted to write about these two words for so long but ironically enough, I haven’t given myself enough time to rest and write. College is a funny time because its the busiest I’ve ever felt, but I also have more time than ever before. Freshmen year is a lot of ‘play’ in the sense that everything is overwhelmingly exciting with new people, a new town, and a new found freedom. Although, I am very thankful for all the excitement in the newness, I am also really struggling to find balance.. (and I’ve been told you never fully find it.) The sweet problem with college is that there is always something to do, always someone to see, some random event happening, or some strange adventure to go on.

I’m beginning to realize the rich value in finding time to be alone and to be still. I think we all in a way fear our mind and where it will go if we have time to ourselves. We tend to all like to be alone at times, but hate loneliness and so in short we avoid time alone with no distractions. I find that in my time alone I am always watching tv, reading, or writing. I don’t know what it looks like to really rest, be still, and be okay with being by myself… but I want to know.

Last week I took a me day and spent a good chunk of my Sunday at a sweet Athens coffee shop. I started to read through Psalms 37 and verse 7 aligned up with what the Lord has been trying to teach me.

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.”

This simple sentence involves two things I struggle a lot with: stillness and patience. As much as I didn’t want to read that sentence, I needed to. I had been pushing away time with the Lord in fear of missing out on time with everyone else. I fear missing out with people but forget that there is no time more precious than time spent with the Lord. I also forget that in order for my time to be really valuable with people than I need to be fully present with those people. I’ve quickly realized that I am never fully present until I am fully focused on the Lord and on having time with the Lord. I have this go, go, go mentality and often think I am invisible… until I become exhausted, drained, and just feeling empty. We NEED rest. Even Jesus needed rest himself. He would go off into the woods by himself and have time to be still and time to pray. If Jesus needed time to rest then I sure as heck need that time too.

I want to encourage you today to find some time to give yourself rest. Find time to take care of yourself and just be still. Be still and enjoy all the small riches of this life. Throw on your favorite sweatshirt and some comfy socks and be okay with being alone. I promise, you’re much cooler to be with than you think. Fall in love with the fact that the God of all created you and he created you to enjoy this time rest. He is waiting for you just as we have to wait patiently for him. Sometimes it all seems like one big waiting game, but the time of waiting is the time of growth. It’s in the times where we bring our exhausted selves to the Lord and say “give me rest” where we begin to grow and begin to experience restoration. And let me tell you, restoration is a beautiful thing.

You’re doing good my friend. You’ve made it two months into a school year and you are fighting the good fight. Keep fighting, keeping finding time to be still, and keep falling in love with this life.

Rooting heavily for you all,


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  1. b, its sydney! wow reading your words of encouragement make me love and live more deeply. missing you in quite an under statement and i hope to see you soon!:)

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