the unexpected

I am learning that there really is only one thing I could have expectancy with and that is Christ alone. I can be fully expectant that Christ will be faithful and that He will provide and protect. But even in that, the way He provides and leads and is faithful is generally in unexpected ways in my life.

I am a planner and a person of control, it’s a big sin of mine and right now Jesus is really trying to teach me how to recognize that the only control I have is in the choice of choosing Him each morning. Aside from having the choice to follow Jesus each morning, I am in no way in control of my life or the lives around me. As much as I’d love to fix people and heal their hurt, that’s not my job (thankfully it isn’t because I’d fail people over and over again). I can simply love people, be with people, and pray for people.

This first month or so of college has been about learning what a life without a grip on control looks like. That life looks like living with expectancy in Jesus and His faithfulness but diving into the unexpected of His plan. Everything about college thus far has been unexpected and the control side of me hates that, but the walls that Jesus is breaking down in me is loving the unexpected   — it is all very freeing.

There are unexpected friendship through His divine intervention, unexpected struggles, unexpected growth, unexpected experiences, and a list of so much more. I unexpectatly have turned into a major coffee fan. I have unexpectedly found the sweetest of community. I have unexpectatly loved having a sorority. I have unexpectedly stepped out of the comfortable places. And my list of favorite things from this month of college will parallel with my list of what has been unexpected.

The beauty in the unexpected is that it was never our own plan. It was never about what we wanted or what we thought would happen. Living with the unexpected is exactly what faith looks like. I can’t tell you the struggles and the joys that you are about to encounter but I can tell you that Jesus will show up and His plan will prevail.

Embrace the unexpected my friends because it is full of so many riches. I’m going to leave you a quote that I adore.

“Faith doesn’t know where it’s being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.”

Rooting heavily for you all,


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