Small Hands

I never realized how small my hands were until I began to grasp how big His hands are. It is human tendency to want to have our hands on everything. We are naturally selfish and want to be in control of things. But, we also naturally want to help and fix things for the people [...]

Be Still.

be still. I've had these two words engraved on my heart and mind since the beginning of summer and I've wanted to write about these two words for so long but ironically enough, I haven't given myself enough time to rest and write. College is a funny time because its the busiest I've ever felt, [...]

the unexpected

I am learning that there really is only one thing I could have expectancy with and that is Christ alone. I can be fully expectant that Christ will be faithful and that He will provide and protect. But even in that, the way He provides and leads and is faithful is generally in unexpected ways [...]