Placed with Purpose

God is blowing me away with how much He can teach us with just one week. I’ve been living in Athens now for two weeks and I still feel like I’m at camp and not actually at my new home, but He is beginning to show me how He places us with purpose.

In Isaiah 46:10 it God says, “My purpose will stand and I will do all that I please.” and that verse is exactly what  want to pray over for these next four (or more) years of college. Whether I like it or not His purpose will stand and He will do what He pleases – taking my control completely out of the equation. I’m not in control here in Athens – I’m here because He has placed me with purpose. I’m here because He has something much bigger for me than I could have ever imagined because if it was my plan, I would be playing college soccer right now and I’d be far from Athens. But, His purpose stands and He chose to lead me somewhere else and oh how my heart is full of thankfulness for where He has placed me. I am in love with Athens; the town, the people, the community, and everything that God is at work doing here and I’m excited that I get to be a little piece of it all.

These past two weeks God continuously keeps showing up in the unexpected. He was evident and present even throughout the tough process of sorority rush. He has been present in conversations while brushing my teeth in a community bathroom. He has been present in sitting in a dining hall for 2 hours. He has been present in sweet new friendships. He has been present in long walks up the brumby hall. He has been present in late nights with my partner in crime of a roommate. God faithfully is always providing and He has been present in all the new and the old. And I’m realizing that I should have never doubted that He wouldn’t be present because He never fails to.

I just want to encourage you today that wherever the Lord has placed you right now, He is with you and He is giving you purpose. I want to challenge you to go deeper and go to the hard places. It’s in the hard places where we learn what it means to trust, where we are shaped and molded, and where God will use you.

I don’t know where God has placed you right now or how your heart is feeling about it, but I do know that His purpose will come through and it will stand strong. I’m always here to love or pray you through it. Keep going deeper my sweet friends.

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