A Net less Goal

I got back from Ecuador early this morning and I should probably be catching up on some sleep right now, but my heart is overflowing with all I just experienced that I have to write. I have to write about a net less goal and about how I desire to live life with a net less goal.


In Ecuador, on just about any given corner you can find a soccer field. Some concrete fields, some sand fields, some grass fields, and some turf fields. And on just about every kind of field sit two goals without nets. This was new to me. Growing up and living a life that revolved around soccer, I had always played on a goals with nets. And Ecuador helped me realize that the life full of goals with nets was exactly my problem. I’m too use to living life with a net. I do all the hard work, shoot, score, and then let the ball rest in the net until I want to work hard again.  But, without a net, once you score, you immediately chase the ball and continue to work to score again. I want that. I desire to live like that.

I tend to live with a nice net attached to my goal. I love until I don’t want to love anymore. The net proves to people that I scored when they see the ball resting in it. The net is my pride. The net is my safe haven. The net is where I am comfortable. But, I was never called to live in comfort, to live in pride, to love with limits, and to hold onto my safe haven. My only safe haven can be God and my life needs to be lived with my Comforter not in comfort.

I absolutely love that the Ecuadorians play soccer wherever, whenever, and with whatever kind of goal they can find. I want to do life how the Ecuadorians do soccer. I want to be willing to do life wherever the Lord calls me to. I want to score on net less goals. I want to chase the ball after every goal is scored and I never want to stop chasing. I never want to stop chasing Jesus or this life He has given me. I never want to stop chasing after people to show them how absolutely worth loving they are. I never want to stop chasing growth.

Having a net makes things easier but as I grow and lean in to following fully I realize that I don’t want easy. Katie Davis in her book “Kisses from Katie” talks about how suffering with Christ is a privilege and how important the hard places are. she says, “IF I really want to follow Jesus, I will go to the hard places. Being a Christ follower means being acquainted with sorrow. We must know sorrow to be able to fully appreciate joy. Joy costs pain, but pain is worth it.”

A life with a net less goal is a life of going to the hard places, but also a life of the uttermost fulfillment of joy.

Thank you Ecuador for sharing your net less goals with me and thank you God for teaching me in all the little things.


  1. Stumbled across this while eating lunch. What a great perspective on life! You’re an awesome writer with meaningful thoughts. Can’t wait to see what this upcoming chapter of your life brings you at UGA!

  2. Wow Bailey this is amazing. I just stumbled upon your blog and as I’m reading through it I can surely see Christ shining through you. I also want to live like a net less goal. This has helped me to realize how just when I’m getting satisfaction of being comfortable in my faith, I should always be doing more, loving more, serving more. I love how you are living and what you are doing, it’s truly inspiring. Keep being you

    1. Wow jade this means so much to me seeing!! You’re incredible! Keep seeking after the Lord,He is leading you in big ways! I hope you have the best junior year!!

  3. Bailey!! I was reading through your blog and this hit me hard. These were the exact words I needed to hear right now. The metaphor of a net less goal is an awesome visual that speaks for itself, and speaks for what I should be striving for. I constantly find myself working hard and relying on Him, but settling with the easy places. God has been calling me to do something uncomfortable lately and I’ve been scared to leave my net of comfort. Thanks for the words of encouragement, and providing me with a visual that will remind me to rely on my Comfoter!! You rock!!

    1. Wow you seriously have no idea how much this made my day! You’re incredible and man I’ve heard so so many good things about you – chap adores the world out of you! I will be really praying for that step out of comfort. It’s so hard and I’ve been struggling with it too but the Lord is so faithfull in where He leads us deeper which is so cool!

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