Lacham -  (Qal) to fight, do battle (Niphal) to engage in battle, wage war The Hebrew word for fight is Lacham and you can see that word 167 different times in the Old Testament because that time period was full of constant battle and war. And from 3950 BC to now, the war still wages [...]

Placed with Purpose

God is blowing me away with how much He can teach us with just one week. I've been living in Athens now for two weeks and I still feel like I'm at camp and not actually at my new home, but He is beginning to show me how He places us with purpose. In Isaiah [...]

The Mustard Seed Year

I'm only three days into freshmen year of college and I can see that this is the year of the mustard seed for me. What I mean by that is that I am already way far out of my comfort zone and see how the Lord is slowly beginning to plant new growth in me [...]

Commit to being Alive

At beginning of this summer I had the sweet opportunity to attend a Young Life camp called Pioneer Plunge. Plunge is unlike most YL camps.. it is a week of living in simplicity and out of the comfort zone in the woods. It is a week of being completely cut off from technology, electricity, mirrors, [...]

A Net less Goal

I got back from Ecuador early this morning and I should probably be catching up on some sleep right now, but my heart is overflowing with all I just experienced that I have to write. I have to write about a net less goal and about how I desire to live life with a net [...]