The Everyday Mission

“This may be your first international mission trip, but you are a daily missionary here at home.”

My dear friend Molly sent me some encouragement last night before I head out to Ecuador today and her words could not be more true. I’ve been so excited to go out and serve cross seas. I’ve been rooted in prayer – asking God to prepare me, use me, give me a selfless and willing heart. My sweet friends have been with me in prayer and have been encouraging me with great advice before I head out.

What I am already learning through this experience, without even starting it yet, is that I should be just as excited to come home as I am to go overseas. I am coming home to the everyday mission and I want to be just as rooted in prayer for that as I am for any overseas trip. God is present every where and He can use us anywhere. Serving is nothing about ourselves but all about Him and everyone else.

How sweet is it that we have a God who in no way needs us, but chooses to use us?! T.B LeBerga said “He is filling you up, so that He might pour you out. It is never an easy thing to be poured out for Christ, often times it is with a call to die to self; but it’s glory will outshine all that we do here on Earth.” God is constantly equipping the called and giving us opportunities to be poured out. The opportunities are in our every moment. And we have to start living as if each moment we are given is the very reason we are here just as it says in Esther 4:14 “Perhaps this is the moment for which you were Created.”

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I am overjoyed that our good God has given me an opportunity to go and serve Ecuador and help build Younglife there, but I don’t want to look at this as my mission trip. Every day God keeps me here on Earth I am living out a mission. A mission to love extravagantly and serve authentically. A mission to be brave and to be courageous. A mission to live outside of the comfort zone and to shine the light.

“We realize, then, that there are no ordinary moments for people who live their lives with Jesus.” I want to live in this truth and do the small things with great love. Friends, He is sending us an invitation to live like this every day. Say yes and live out your every day mission!

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