Intentional – the word that explains it all

If this summer has taught me anything it has been that our God is so intentional. Intentional is defined as done on purpose. So, putting two and two together, you were created on purpose and this life you’re living right now is filled with purpose – every interaction and conversation you have has purpose. I don’t know about you but that is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. God really does not need us at all, BUT He chooses to use us which is such a treasure in itself. Both these ideas that God is intentional and that He chooses to use us has been flowing through my mind and weighing on my heart because it is altering the way I want to live.

I desire to accept that invitation God sends our way every morning- the invitation to follow Him and see what His intentions and purpose in the day for me is. But, I so often become of this world and forget to even open the invitation and see what He is asking. Instead, my selfish heart leads me to do the things I think will bring me purpose. God has  a funny humor though and He always redirects me back to the envelope that has his invitation waiting for me. Just as God chooses to use us, we also have to choose every morning if we are willing to be used. It’s a hard thing to do each morning but man is it worth it.

This summer has been a summer of learning and growing. It has been a summer of reflecting what has been and praying for what will be. It has been a summer of learning what it means to be still (and a lifetime ahead of continuously learning that). But something about this summer that has struck me is that God is so personal and intentional with each and everyone of us. Over this summer in particular most of my friends have done some sort of younglife experience whether it was the best week of their life in Crooked Creek, a week in the woods at Pioneer Plunge, or a month serving on workcrew or summer staff. This past week almost everyone is home from their experiences and I’ve been filling every spar time I can with tea and coffee talks with friends. I LOVE hearing about all the different experiences. Some friends struggled, some friends gave their life to Christ, some experienced growth in ways they never saw coming, some truly had the best week of their life, and some fell more in love with God than ever before. In every person I’ve spoken with no two have remotely had the same experiences or growth. My friends, that right there is a beautiful thing because it is a testament to how intentional our God is. Your relationship with God is your relationship with God. Your purpose may differ from the person next to and that is more than okay. I don’t know where your heart is right now, I don’t know what your relationship with God looks like right now… but what I do know is that He chose you and He wants you where you are at. He will use you if you are willing and through that He will continuously reveal to you that in Him you my friend have so much purpose. Keep fighting the good fight.

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