Stay Rooted

The term rooted is one that I’ve been holding very close to my heart this new year. It is where I desire to have my purpose in living – rooted in Him and rooted completely in love.

[ ro͞ot ]

2.establish deeply and firmly:

I want to establish deeply a life that is devoted to Him and devoted to loving others. After all, that is what we are called to do. We have this incredible God who sent his Son to live a perfect life but to die with the sin of all of our broken lives. And through sending His Son to die so that we could live, He chose to forgive us and to give us grace that we are the least bit deserving of. He has set us free and my friends that is something to rejoice over! We are so loved dearly by our Heavenly Father and there us nothing we have done to earn that love and there is nothing we can do to lose that love and that fact alone gives me so me so much purpose in living. I want everyone to feel His authentic unconditional love. I want everyone to know that they are worthy and absolutely adored by Him. He sees YOU and He is proud to call you His child. See the thing about living a life with Him is that it’s so relational. In the bible there are three main relationships that stand as a metaphor for our relationship with Him; a Shepard and his sheep, a bridegroom to his bride, and a father to his child. All relationships that require an unique intimacy. Our God is our leader just as the Shepard is to his sheep. Our God is enthralled by us and loves us forever just as the bridegroom does with his bride. And Our God is our provider and our biggest fan just as a father is with his child. A relationship with Our God is dynamic, intimate, and the greatest relationship we will ever know. And what is so awesome is once we allow God into our heart and we give our life to Him, we are His forever. Once you start a relationship with Him, you always have that relationship. And just like any relationship, there are times where it can be so tough but those are the times where you can see just how great His love is. The times of darkness and despair are the times where we need to remain rooted in Him. Hold onto His words that proclaim beautiful truth, hold onto the love He has lavished on you, and hold onto hope – with Him, you can and you will make it through.

My heart is so overwhelmed with the fact that He is always with me. In the book of Psalms, one verse says, “Hide me in the shadows of your wings.” (ps.17:8) and I think that is so beautiful. Imagine that wherever you are, He is casting his loving arms around you – You are hidden and protected in the shadows of His wings. Even when we are unable to see Him, or feel Him, or understand what He is doing, He is still there holding your hand every step of the way. I feel so passionate when I write about all of this because I cannot truly put into words how incredible it is living a life in His love and I am just so thankful that by the grace of God I was set free. And “We love because HE first loved us.” (1 John 4:19). God every day gives me so many reasons to live a life rooted in love. He gives me so many reasons to love anyone I encounter whether it’s my family, my friends, the student in the desk next to me, the person in line with me at the grocery store, or some one I happened to cross paths with. I believe God puts people in front of us each day so that we can show them a glimpse at His love, but so often our selfish hearts get in the way and we become blinded to the opportunities in front of us. And I really don’t want to miss those opportunities anymore, I so deeply want to love people no matter the circumstance and no matter who they are because that’s exactly what Jesus did. He loved the broken sinners, He loved the prostitutes, He loved the sick, and He loved those that seemed completely unlovable. And what’s so crazy is that Jesus loved everyone without knowing if they’d ever love Him back. He was never loving someone in order to feel loved Himself. Instead, it is the exact opposite, He loved with the most selfless heart there is and He loved unconditionally. But that is something so difficult for us to do because our selfish heart intervenes. So often we love people so that we can receive love. Or we chose not to love because we are not receiving love from others. But what good is that? He has given us such a purpose in loving how He has loved us and in the end His love is all we need.

Keep Him at your root and let love explode from that. Honestly, I have found that my cup now overflows with joy more than ever as I’ve shifted my life from seeking love to giving love. There really is something so exciting about getting to love someone and getting to see that they really feel that love and that’s exactly why I desire to stay rooted and fixed on love.

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