With all this world encompasses; all the people, all the life, all the wonders, all the hurt, it amazes me that in the midst of all our surroundings, one can feel so alone. We all feel this at one point in time. We are in a room full of people who are laughing and enjoying their time, but your mind goes blank and at that point in time you feel like the only person in the world. Vacant and desolate. When I reach this point, I learn that as lonely as I feel, I’m not alone. It’s a struggle I’ve been trying to overcome, as so often I get to a point where my independent nature takes over and I try to do it all on my own, I mess things up, and then I’m left in the dust; lonely and lost.

We are all lost in our own way, constantly searching for fulfillment and answers. And the answers will come when you least expect it, because that’s how our Lord works. He has a divine purpose for pain and troubles. He puts us through adversity so that we will persevere, so that we will grow, and so that we will Trust Him and learn that we can’t do it on our own no matter how much we think we can. What this world brings us is out of our control. What our future holds is out of our hands. Our lives rest in His hands, in His control, and in His plan. As we seek Him, He finds us. And we are set free in his immeasurable love and grace.

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